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How to send global express delivery? The process of sending international expres
Release time:2024-02-26

How to send global express delivery? We all know that international express delivery refers to express delivery and logistics services conducted between two or more countries (or regions). In fact, just like sending domestic express delivery, it is necessary to make an invoice for import and export customs declaration. Both the waybill and invoice should be filled out in English.

The process of sending international express delivery:
1. Contact the international express delivery staff first, provide the product name, weight, outer packaging size, presence of batteries, powder, and other information of the goods, as well as the destination country, city, and postal code. The international express delivery agent will provide the specific price. If the shipment is confirmed, confirm the domestic warehouse address.
2. Prepare your own goods, package them well, and preferably use harder cardboard boxes to prevent damage during long journeys. Then, you need to ship them to the international express agent warehouse. If you purchase goods online, you can directly ship them to the designated international express warehouse through the seller.
3. After receiving the goods, the international express warehouse provides English overseas shipping information (country, city, postal code, phone number, recipient, specific address).
4. International express delivery agents prepare materials for shipment based on the information provided by customers.
5. Weighing ->Payment ->Shipment ->Destination Country ->Customs Clearance ->Delivery ->Receipt.
6. After the goods are shipped, the sender will be given the tracking number, which can be found on the official website (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS).

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