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Global Express ShippingPostal packet
Novice must see fully understand what global international express delivery is!
Release time:2024-02-26

1. International shipping
International shipping is currently the transportation mode with the highest proportion in global trade. Container liner transportation is the main mode of sea transportation.

International sea transportation process: Generally, the shipper fills out a booking to the freight forwarder, the freight forwarder contacts the shipping company to book the shipment, the shipping company reviews the booking and cargo information submitted by the freight forwarder, and after approval, releases the SO to the freight forwarder. After the freight forwarder receives the SO, they notify the shipper of the time to make the container.
Here's an explanation: a booking can actually be understood as a pre order, which includes main information such as the shipper, consignee, and weight of the goods. Generally, freight forwarders have a booking template for the shipper to fill in the main information. The booking format of different freight forwarders is similar, and it can be said that the main information needs to be filled in by the shipper. SO refers to the container pickup document officially released by the shipping company to the freight forwarder after approval. With the SO document provided by the shipping company, the freight forwarder can arrange to tow the container to the dock and pick it up. General SO includes important information such as container loading dock, vessel name and schedule, container opening time, material cut-off and replenishment time, and container cut-off time. If the container loading time is approaching the SO cut-off time, it is generally necessary to promptly notify the freight forwarder and the shipping company to apply for a Late come. If the cut-off time is not particularly tight, the shipping company will generally agree to the freight forwarder's Late come application.
2. International air freight
International air freight has won a considerable market share with its fast, safe, and punctual efficiency, greatly shortening delivery times. It has the characteristics of being fast and mobile, and is an indispensable way of transporting valuable items, fresh goods, and precision instruments in international trade. But usually the price is also the most expensive way.
International air freight process:
1. Booking authorization letter. Before placing an order, it is necessary to prepare relevant cargo information, destination, port of departure, gross weight and volume (volume weight is divided by volume by 0.006 or volume by 167), demand time, cargo type (whether commercial inspection is required, whether magnetic inspection is required, non hazardous letter of guarantee and MSDS documents are required for reagent liquids)
2. The freight forwarder accepts the power of attorney to arrange booking. Please note whether the shipper requires accompanying documents. Generally, there are packing lists, invoices, contracts, etc. that need to be shipped with the goods as customs clearance documents. If customers need to ship with the goods, special notice is required. 3. Receive the airline bill of lading and provide it to the customer for confirmation. Promptly provide the draft bill of lading to the customer for information confirmation after the airline provides it.
3. International express delivery
International express delivery is a fast and reliable service typically provided by large international courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. These companies have a wide range of services, covering all parts of the world, and can provide door-to-door services to customers. The advantages of international express delivery are fast speed and high service quality, but the disadvantage is high cost, which is not suitable for packages with smaller weight or volume. In addition, due to its wide range of services, delivery may not be possible in some remote areas.

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