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Canadians enjoy cross-border online shopping for wedding dresses and dresses
Release time:2024-01-29

The development of e-commerce in Canada lags behind, and retailers cannot keep up with the pace of the world. In the eyes of local consumers, shopping from foreign retailers has fewer shortcomings and more obvious advantages compared to shopping from domestic retailers. If they can find cheaper similar products from the United States or other countries online, they will give up loyalty to local retailers. This also brings opportunities for China's cross-border e-commerce. Data shows that Canada is a key market in the cross-border e-commerce wedding dress industry.

According to a report by "Yibang Power" on February 18th, Tushe Global learned that while emerging foreign trade e-commerce markets such as Russia and Brazil are being hyped up, there is also a highly potential market that cannot be ignored, which is Canada. Canadian buyers have a relatively high purchasing power level, but the development of local e-commerce lags behind. Many residents' online consumption is conducted through international websites, and currently cross-border e-commerce accounts for 25% of the proportion.
Canada is one of the key markets in China's cross-border e-commerce wedding dress industry, with a high proportion of buyers and sales. Buyers prefer wedding dress styles that are well cut and elegant in their product selection. Popular elements from 2014, such as sheer skirts, transparent lace decorations, exquisite embroidery, and gorgeous beading, have also been well applied to local Canadian wedding dress brands.
According to statistics, a total of approximately 165297 weddings were held in Canada in 2023. Canadian residents prefer engagement in December, accounting for about 23%, with August being the second most popular engagement month, accounting for 11%. 49% of weddings are held from July to September. Among them, August is the most popular wedding month, followed by September and July. And January to June is the peak season for Canadian wedding dress procurement
Data shows that wedding expenses in Canada increased by 5% in 2023 compared to 2012. In 2023, 46% of Canadians chose to hold traditional weddings, while 42% favored simpler and more casual wedding forms. In 2013, there were twice as many Canadian couples who chose customized wedding supplies as in 2012. 78% of Canadian brides to be hold bridal showers, and 36% of Canadian brides to be organize engagement parties.
DHGate, a foreign trade e-commerce platform, pointed out that there are significant business opportunities hidden in Canadian wedding related data. Firstly, there is a demand for party dresses for various pre wedding parties; Secondly, there is also a strong demand for wedding guests' formal attire, such as bridesmaid attire, groomsman attire, flower boy attire, etc; In addition, including dresses, underwear, shoes, jewelry, and gifts, the average wedding shopping budget of nearly $4000 for Canadian brides is a great opportunity for sellers.
In addition, 76% of Canadian brides purchase at least one wedding related item online, and 60% of Canadian brides are active users of Pinterest social media. Therefore, independent SNS marketing is a good way for foreign trade sellers to explore the target market for Canadian wedding dresses. Against the backdrop of the traditional market becoming a red ocean, foreign trade e-commerce is more focused on developing emerging markets, with South America, Eastern Europe, West Asia, and Canada becoming places that various countries are competing to pursue.

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