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News > WFS > Detailed explanation of Wal Mart WFS and third-part
WFSDedicated line
Detailed explanation of Wal Mart WFS and third-party overseas warehouse distribu
Release time:2024-01-29

At present, Wal Mart platform has actually become one of the important platforms for many sellers, and Wal Mart platform is also vigorously supporting Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers. Today, I will talk about the novice knowledge: how Wal Mart delivers goods.
1. Wal Mart's distribution methods mainly include WFS and self delivery.
Wal Mart Distribution Service (WFS) is the official distribution service of Wal Mart platform. It covers the whole country by virtue of Wal Mart's own strong supply chain strength and its unique efficient and fast warehousing, logistics and distribution system. Wal Mart will provide free two-day delivery service for online buyers with orders over $35.

Suitable for WFS products:
a. Non perishable goods, unregulated goods
b. The product must meet the size and weight requirements of WFS: the maximum weight of the product is 30 pounds, and the maximum weight of the product is 25 inches x 20 inches x 14 inches
c. At present, there are stable order quantities of goods being stocked to WFS
It is suitable for Wal Mart to deliver goods by itself. If the platform rules are met, the seller can deliver goods by himself or use the local overseas warehouse.
2. Wal Mart WFS Advantages
1) Wal Mart WFS is responsible for receiving/storage/sorting/distribution
When sellers use WFS distribution services, they need to transport their goods in batches to the WFS storage and distribution center. As long as the buyer places an order, Wal Mart will be responsible for the subsequent sorting, packaging, transportation and distribution of the last kilometer.
2) Free two-day delivery, covering all regions of the United States
WFS provides sellers with next day delivery, two day delivery, three day delivery, and standard (7 days) delivery services.
3) Provide after-sales return service
In the United States, there is a Wal Mart physical store every 10 miles. Go to the customer service center of the Wal Mart store, and consumers can choose to return goods or pick up goods at the store.
3. Advantages of third-party overseas warehouse shipping
1) No strict limitations on product size and weight
2) One time payment of fees: first mile fees, processing fees, warehousing fees, logistics and distribution fees, customs duties and value-added tax, etc., which are cleared using US overseas warehouse services.
3) Multi channel shipping
If the seller sells on different overseas e-commerce platforms or has multiple distributors in overseas markets, self delivery to overseas warehouses is more convenient.
4) High flexibility in returns to avoid unnecessary potential costs; For returned and exchanged products, third-party overseas warehouses can directly provide label replacement services for resale.
For these two types of shipping methods, popular and suitable products for WFS can be directly used with WFS, but the products require a period of turnover and are sold on different platforms. Choosing a third-party overseas warehouse is more suitable. Sellers can choose a more suitable shipping method based on their actual business, cost, sales, and other factors to maximize efficiency.

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