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News > WFS > What are the features and benefits of Wal Mart WFS
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What are the features and benefits of Wal Mart WFS service?
Release time:2024-01-29

How does Wal Mart WFS service work?
Walmat Fulfillment Services allows sellers to store inventory in Wal Mart's logistics centers
When a customer places an order on the Wal Mart platform, the WFS team will select, package and ship the order on behalf of the seller. Wal Mart is also responsible for managing customer support and order returns delivered through WFS. Wal Mart WFS service flow information chart is as follows:

Wal Mart said that the plan enables sellers to spend more time focusing on improving sales, while delivering orders quickly and providing excellent customer support.
Features and benefits of Wal Mart WFS service
Wal Mart's supply chain ranks No. 8 in The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2021. The seller of the platform using WFS is equivalent to taking advantage of the scale, coverage and efficiency that Wal Mart has worked hard to improve over the years
The following are the benefits of WFS:
1.2 day delivery
Through WFS, sellers can provide 2-day delivery services across the United States
Two day delivery can also increase the search ranking of the product and make it easier to get a Buy Box, which means more shoppers will see the seller's listing.
2. Inventory and order management
WFS provides sellers with a report control panel for real-time tracking of orders, inventory levels, and shipments.
Wal Mart Seller Central has a Fulfillment lnsights page that allows sellers to track key transportation indicators, including transportation performance carrier performance and regional performance.
3. Customer service
Through WFS, Wal Mart manages all customer inquiries, refunds and returns. The participating products will display the labels of "TwoDay Delivery Two Day Delivery", "Free&EasyReturns Free and Convenient Return" and "Wal Mart Delivered by Walmart" to increase the visibility of the products and improve the conversion rate.
4. Intuitive pricing
The pricing structure of WFS is simple, based on two main costs: monthly storage costs and transportation costs based on weight or size.

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