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Find Opportunites > Canada Trends > What are the logistics of Canadian express delivery
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What are the logistics of Canadian express delivery?
Release time:2024-01-26

There are four major international express logistics in Canada: DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, as well as postal EMS express and sea and air freight. You can directly mail it to the official website or freight forwarding company. If it is sent by a freight forwarding company, there will be a significant discount on the shipping cost. The specific choice of logistics for shipping goods to Canada depends on the weight and delivery time requirements of the goods you send.

You can choose to contact the official website for mailing, or you can choose to ship through a freight forwarding company. If you ship through a freight forwarding company, there will be a significant discount on shipping costs. Of course, the timeliness will be delayed by about a day. Ordinary goods with large quantities do not require high timeliness, and sea freight can also be chosen.
The courier company charges shipping fees based on the first weight. The specific shipping cost depends on the weight of the item you send. After selecting the appropriate carrier, weigh the weight and volume, and then calculate the shipping cost.
International express packages can choose UPS and DHL to Canada. If you find it expensive, you can refer to comparing EMS. EMS has strong customs clearance capabilities and fewer restrictions on goods. For many international express packages that cannot be shipped, you can try postal EMS. It should be noted that Canada's tariff threshold is $20. Express delivery does not include customs duties, please pay attention to filling in the specific value of the goods.
The four major express delivery services have a delivery time of approximately 3-7 days, with DHL having the fastest delivery time. EMS postal delivery to Canada takes 7 days, not more than 9 days. Because EMS postal express delivery to Canada is an international express delivery, it requires time for customs clearance, scanning, security checks, and processing procedures.

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