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The difference between volumetric weight and actual weight in international expr
Release time:2024-02-26

Actual weight: The actual total weight of packaging, including packaging, also known as actual weight.
Volume weight: Due to the limitations of the carrying capacity of transportation vehicles and the volume of goods that can be loaded, it is necessary to convert the volume of goods into weight to calculate the freight weight.

Why does international express delivery need to calculate both actual weight and volumetric weight?
Due to the limited cargo hold capacity for carrying goods, airlines adopt the principle of selecting the larger of actual weight and volumetric weight when charging freight fees in order to balance the relationship between the actual weight of the goods and the volume occupied by the goods. If the specific gravity of the goods is small but the unit volume is large, such as cotton, woven handicrafts, etc., the volume of the goods should be measured, and the volume weight should be calculated based on the volume weight formula. Then, the actual weight of the goods should be compared with the volume weight, and the larger weight figure should be selected as the billing weight. Based on the obtained weight, the receivable transportation fee should be calculated. Each international express package needs to calculate its volume and weight when passing through the courier company's transit center.
How to save air/express logistics costs
1、 When packing, attention should be paid to the placement of goods and the utilization of space to achieve reasonable loading. Especially for cardboard goods, it is necessary to plan the size of the outer box before packaging.
2、 If there are both heavy and light goods, and if air freight is used, try to ship them together by express delivery or air/sea delivery, and try to pack them together as much as possible without overweight or oversize, which can reduce some shipping costs.
3、 When inquiring with the freight forwarder, please inform them of the type of goods and the required arrival time, which will make it more convenient for the freight forwarder to provide a more accurate and high-quality price that meets your requirements.

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