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How can global international logistics avoid goods being detained?
Release time:2024-02-26

1. In order to avoid loss of goods after being detained, it is necessary to understand the customs requirements of the destination port before shipment, make sufficient inspections and preparations, ensure that the goods meet the import requirements, minimize the probability of being detained, and minimize losses.

2. If customs release, the goods will be smoothly transported to the importer's location. If customs decides to destroy them, the goods will be directly destroyed.
3. If the customs decide to return the goods, they will also need to pay the freight and import fees from Chinese customs.
4. After accepting the declaration of exported goods, reviewing electronic data declaration forms, paper declaration forms and accompanying documents, inspecting the goods, levying taxes or accepting ancestral protection, the customs make a decision to end the on-site supervision of customs entry and exit of exported goods, sign and stamp the customs release seal on the loading certificate of exported goods, and the recipient or agent of imported and exported goods signs and receives the loading certificate of exported goods, You can use it to ship the exported goods onto the transportation vehicle and leave the country.
5. Accurately fill in the application quotation.
The significant difference between the declared value and the actual value of the goods can easily attract the attention of customs. The lower the declared value, the lower the corresponding tariff, but it should not be too low. Experienced companies will reasonably help recipients avoid taxes.
6. The accompanying information should be as detailed as possible.
The name, quantity, unit price, customs code, material, and purpose of the goods must be filled in detail.
7. Be meticulous and cautious when shipping.
For valuable items and bulk goods, customs generally conduct strict inspections, so it is important to be meticulous and cautious when shipping. To avoid unnecessary customs deductions caused by carelessness, which not only affects the experience but also delays the delivery time, many customers cannot accept.
At the same time, customs policies vary among countries and may be adjusted from time to time, resulting in different customs clearance conditions. Therefore, we need to have an understanding of the customs policies of each country in order to ensure efficient customs clearance.

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