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Global Express ShippingPostal packet
What is the difference between international express packages and international
Release time:2024-02-26

International express small packages, also known as international postal small packages, are a logistics service that is sent to the world through Tusha. They mainly refer to packages weighing less than 2 kilograms, with a combined length, width, and height of the outer packaging less than 90 centimeters, and a longest side less than 60 centimeters.

International small packages are mainly divided into two modes of transportation: international small package regular mail and international small package registration. International small package regular mail, also known as Normal Air Mail, is a low-cost service that can only provide online information. International Registered Air Mail adds an additional registration fee compared to regular mail and can provide online tracking and inquiry functions.
International express delivery refers to express delivery and logistics services conducted between two or more countries (or regions). Mainly utilizing air transportation to various parts of the country.
There are significant differences between the two in terms of weight, delivery time, price, and service. Small goods mainly choose international small packages, while large goods generally choose international express delivery.
So what items cannot be sent in international express packages? Cross border e-commerce often encounters packages being returned, unable to clear customs, or sensitive items being returned when mailing items. The regulations for mailing packages vary among different international express delivery channels.

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