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What does international express goods clearance mean?
Release time:2024-01-20

Customs clearance, also known as clearance in customs, refers to the declaration of imported goods, exported goods, and transferred goods entering the customs territory of a country or the need to complete various customs procedures and fulfill obligations stipulated by laws and regulations; Only after fulfilling various obligations, completing customs declaration, inspection, taxation, release and other procedures, can the goods be released, and the shipper or declarant can pick up the goods.

Similarly, all types of transportation vehicles carrying import and export goods are required to declare to the customs, complete customs procedures, and obtain customs permission for entry, exit, or transfer. During the customs clearance period, whether imported, exported, or transferred, the goods are under customs supervision and are not allowed to circulate freely.
Simply put, customs clearance requires declaration, handling various procedures, inspection (whether prohibited or sensitive goods), taxation (based on declared value and quantity), and release. Therefore, the declared total value and type of goods are particularly important. If you accidentally have a meat knife or something, the goods will be confiscated in minutes.

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