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Oversized CargoDedicated line
How to handle the oversized or heavy cargo in International transporting?
Release time:2024-02-27

 What should be paid attention to when transporting oversized or heavy cargo?
Large item transportation generally refers to the transportation and distribution of large equipment. oversized or heavy cargo have advantages in weight and volume. In terms of transportation, there are strict requirements for oversized or heavy cargo, which cannot be completed by ordinary transportation vehicles. Special transportation tools are needed to complete the transportation.

Due to the fact that large transportation equipment is either extremely heavy or has a large volume, it often exceeds height, weight, length, or width during transportation, which involves two very important aspects of weight and weight. Therefore, there are also very strict requirements for large transportation tools, and ordinary transportation tools are difficult to successfully complete transportation tasks. So during the transportation of oversized or heavy cargo, attention should be paid to many aspects, specifically the following:
1、 Before transporting oversized or heavy cargo, these equipment must go through relevant procedures in order to carry out normal transportation. When transporting the equipment, the transporter needs to provide detailed information of the goods to the logistics company that undertakes the transportation, so that the logistics company can choose a reasonable transportation method based on the goods. If transporting special items, corresponding transportation permits need to be obtained.
2、 Large item transportation environment: During the transportation process, it is necessary to carefully analyze the characteristics and technical parameters of the transported goods, timely grasp the requirements and safety of equipment transportation, and choose a suitable transportation route to transport oversized or heavy cargo, which can provide a good transportation environment for the transportation of goods.
3、 Vehicle safety assessment: Cash vehicles and tools should be used during the transportation of goods, and their safety should be considered, while also enhancing the risk resistance of large cargo transportation.
4、 During the transportation of oversized or heavy cargo, the basic requirements for large item transportation must also be followed. Overlimit oversized or heavy cargo must be transported in batches or relevant certificates must be obtained for transportation, and transportation must also follow the corresponding route.
5、 When formulating transportation plans for large goods, reliable transportation plans and emergency plans should be in place. It is necessary to strengthen the troubleshooting of road, line, bridge and culvert faults, and timely check and reinforce records to ensure smooth transportation of large goods.

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