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Oversized CargoDedicated line
How should your goods be transported if they are oversized?
Release time:2024-02-27

At present, there are various types of goods transported in international maritime transportation, and the types of ships and loading and unloading equipment used for transporting goods vary for different types of goods. So, for specific goods, this article introduces how to transport oversized goods from two aspects: ship type and loading and unloading equipment.

1. Trucks
The transportation of trucks adopts PCTC (PURECAR TRUCK CARRIER), which is mainly characterized by the use of a single-layer deck (generally between 3-4 meters in height) to accommodate large trucks in the cabin. The ship's stern jump * maximum load capacity can reach 45 tons, and the load capacity per square meter can reach 3 tons. Therefore, overweight trucks can be allowed to enter the cabin through the ship's stern jump.
2. Large scale equipment
Generally speaking, the transportation of large equipment is more complex, with some components having larger volumes and tonnage that cannot be transported in regular containers, while some spare parts can be transported in containers. At present, this type of equipment generally adopts the RORO AND CONTAINER ship type, which can simultaneously load large components and containers, making it an ideal ship type for the transportation of many large equipment.
So what loading and unloading equipment is more reasonable for this type of ship?
BOLSTERLATBED equipment is suitable for large components up to 4 meters long and weighing up to 28 tons. The goods are lifted onto a flat plate by a crane, with a lifting height of no more than one meter (to avoid damage to the goods caused by swinging or flipping during the lifting process). Then, special nylon straps (which are equivalent in rigidity to steel wire ropes, but can greatly reduce their wear on the surface of the goods compared to steel wire ropes) or steel wire ropes with shims are used to fix the goods on the flat plate, and the goods are transported into the cabin by a forklift through the stern jump of the ship.
BOSLTER FLATBED is a device suitable for transporting overweight and oversized goods. Theoretically, it can carry goods up to 25 meters long and weighing 120 tons. However, due to the limitations of tail jump carrying capacity and towing capacity, the actual carrying capacity may be slightly smaller.
RollTrailer is transported into the cabin by a self towing tug through the stern jump of the ship, achieving zero damage to the cargo.

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