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Which company provides the best service for the American ove
Release time:2022-12-26

Since March, cross-border e-commerce has resumed work. It is also a challenge to the boss of cross-border e-commerce industry. In fact, throughout the epidemic, the biggest impact on the cross-border e-commerce industry is the delay in factory resumption and logistics problems. Under special circumstances, sellers who ship goods directly from China will encounter great resistance to delivery and be forced to return. Finally, we have to face the reality that the goods cannot be delivered, the links are out of stock, and the weight is lost. All annual plans for 2020 have been disrupted.
At this time, the advantages of overseas warehouses are obvious. Not only has it not been affected by the epidemic, overseas warehouses also have perfect after-sales services. If the customer has any problem after receiving the goods, he can contact the American overseas warehouse at any time. So, which is better if there are overseas warehouses and agency services in the United States? Next, Xiaobian introduced Hailichang Technology, an American overseas warehouse company, to everyone.
Hailichang's American overseas warehouse is located in New Jersey, very close to China. Focusing on B2C services of overseas warehouses, it also provides comprehensive services such as FBA return and replacement, virtual overseas warehouse, FBA replenishment, customs clearance and shipment.
Operation process of one piece issuance of American overseas warehouse:
The seller arranges express delivery to our overseas warehouse in the United States. The overseas warehouse receives the goods, counts them, and puts them on the shelf. When the order arrives, the buyer uploads the order in the order management system (OMS), and the warehouse receives the order to distribute and deliver the goods. Finally, the buyer can receive the goods in a short time.
Which is better, an American overseas warehouse with overseas warehouse or agency service? Hailichang Technology is a company focusing on American overseas warehouses. Choosing us will help to improve the profit margin of a single product. The data shows that the average selling price of goods stored in overseas warehouses is 30% higher than that of similar direct mail products. The centralized transportation mode of American overseas warehouse can greatly reduce the transportation cost, especially when the weight of goods exceeds 400g, effectively reducing the logistics cost.

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