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News > News > What is the standard size of Amazon FBA products
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What is the standard size of Amazon FBA products
Release time:2022-12-26

What is the standard size of Amazon FBA products

What is the size of Amazon FBA?
Amazon can't do without fba. How is the size of Amazon FBA products defined? Haili Overseas Warehouse came to explain to you, hoping to help you, as follows:
1. The box shall not exceed the standard weight limit of 50 pounds (22.7 kg), unless it contains bulky goods with a single weight exceeding 50 pounds
2. For large commodities with a single weight of more than 50 pounds, a label clearly indicating "Team Lift" must be affixed on the top and side of the box
3. For large commodities with a single weight of more than 100 pounds, labels clearly indicating "mechanical lifting" must be affixed on the top and side of the packing box
What is the standard size of Amazon FBA products?
Each FBA product has its standard size. If it does not meet this standard size, it will be rejected.
1. The length of a box containing more than one standard size item shall not exceed 25 "(64cm) on either side.
2. The process of sending oversized goods to FBA is no different from that of ordinary goods, but the storage cost of oversized goods is higher than that of standard goods, so the unsalable oversized goods will lose more!
FBA first voyage LCL saving tips:
First of all, you should know what is the first sea transportation LCL of fba. LCL is a case in which goods from different shippers are assembled together, so it is called LCL.
Marine LCL is generally classified and sorted according to the nature of the goods and the destination. The goods going to the same destination are gathered to a certain number and assembled into the container.
In the first sea voyage, there is little difference between LCL and FCL, and there is almost no difference in timeliness, but the price of LCL will be lower than that of FCL.
Cross border foreign traders pay more attention to the cost of export freight. If they want to take the whole container, the number of products may not be enough; If you want to take express delivery, the high logistics cost makes foreign traders flinch.
The cost of LCL shipping is getting higher and higher. How to control the cost and find the most appropriate LCL shipping cost with cost performance ratio is often a headache for foreign traders.
What are the techniques of FBA's first freight LCL to save money?
The transportation price of FBA's first container will be relatively transparent in the shipping market, which is known by all industry personnel. But why should we choose the right forwarding company when the price is so transparent?
In real life, there are many sellers whose goods are less than one container, which requires FBA's first LCL shipping to the United States. The transportation procedure of LCL is much more complicated than that of the whole container, and the freight is relatively flexible. Even though there is an open market price for LCL, the surcharges of each shipping company vary greatly. So the price is slightly different. Many foreign traders will consult the overall price at the beginning. They do not give perfect information about the goods. They think that the relatively transparent market environment is just a price war. Maybe the foreign trade dealer does not trust the freight forwarding company and is unwilling to tell the information about the goods. In fact, the correct way is that the seller should calculate the weight and size of the goods clearly, and the regular freight forwarding company will specify all the charging items in writing according to the actual situation, so as to make the FBA process more detailed.
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