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Find Opportunites > Dangerous Cargo > How can Amazon FBA avoid hazardous material audits?
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How can Amazon FBA avoid hazardous material audits?
Release time:2024-02-26

Many sellers have encountered the problem of newly established self delivery listings not being successfully converted to FBA listings. This is usually due to the fact that the ASIN is being stored for the first time, and such products need to go through Amazon's hazardous goods review before they can be converted to FBA listings.

Amazon requires sellers to provide corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) reports for review of chemical products (including cosmetics), products containing lithium batteries, and products containing magnetism that may pose potential risks during transportation.
So, how can we avoid Amazon's hazardous materials review when transitioning to FBA?
Firstly, it is important to understand which products will be subject to hazardous material audits?
1. Finished cosmetics (such as perfume and nail polish);
2. Lithium batteries or products containing lithium batteries;
3. Non hazardous goods;
4. Products containing magnetic materials.
If your product clearly does not belong to the above-mentioned dangerous goods, why would it still encounter a dangerous goods audit?
This is because Amazon's system is ultimately a robot, and it can only rely on your title and description to crawl and determine whether it is a hazardous material review!
Therefore, if you want to avoid Amazon's hazardous materials review when transferring to FBA, be sure to abbreviate the product title description when uploading data for the first time to FBA, and avoid keywords such as lighting, light, power, battery, LED, etc. We will supplement and improve it when we successfully transfer to FBA and put it on shelves.
What to do when encountering Amazon's hazardous material review?
Generally, Amazon will require you to provide the following materials:
(1) Product ingredient information table (only applicable to products without MSDS/SDS reports)
(2) Manufacturer Material Safety Data Sheet/Safety Data Sheet (MSDS/SDS Report)
The main purpose is to ensure that suppliers can provide sufficient information to prove that the goods can be safely used with their substances and mixtures.
Sellers can contact the product manufacturer to obtain an MSDS report, or download the MSDS exemption form through the following methods:
1. Search in the seller's backend and enter the "Request to Upload MSDS Documents" page.
2. Click on "Upload documents for Hazmat review" on the page to enter the MSDS file upload page.
3. On the right side of the page, under Download, you can click on the MSDS exemption form for the corresponding site.
4. To obtain an MSDS report or fill out an MSDS exemption form, the seller needs to submit the file through the Upload Documents for Hazmat review page.
The review time for Amazon dangerous goods is generally 2-4 days. If the time exceeds, you can contact seller support to open a case and ask customer service.

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