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Dangerous CargoDedicated line
Dangerous goods transportation export operation process
Release time:2024-02-26

1. Order booking
Provide an export consignment note to our company 7-10 days in advance, indicating the product name in both Chinese and English, box type, hazardous material level (Class), United Nations hazardous material code (UN NO.), hazardous package, and special requirements, to facilitate the application of cabin space and hazardous material declaration.

2. Provide application materials
Provide relevant information for goods declaration four working days in advance:
① Dangerous goods packaging performance inspection result sheet
② Dangerous Goods Packaging Usage Appraisal Result Form
③ Product Description: Both Chinese and English
④ Export declaration form (a. Verification form b. Invoice c. Packing list d. Customs declaration commission form e. Export declaration form)
3. Loading into port
Due to the fact that dangerous goods are loaded directly on the ship's side, they are usually packed 3 days before the ship departs
① The shipper shall deliver the goods to our designated dangerous goods warehouse for loading.
② Our company arranges to tow the goods to the factory for packing, and after packing, we need to attach major hazard labels around the container. If the leaked goods will cause pollution to the ocean, we also need to attach ocean pollution labels and take photos for evidence.
4. Customs declaration
Determine the container number, vehicle tonnage, list, and prepare complete customs declaration documents before starting the export customs declaration. After passing the customs review, release the goods.
5. Bill of Lading
Confirm the preparation of the bill of lading according to the power of attorney and confirm with the customer to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the bill of lading content.
6. Paid
Confirm the expense invoice with the customer and collect relevant fees.
7. Return customs declaration, waybill
The customs declaration form will be returned to the customer for tax refund verification about one month after the export declaration is completed.

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