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Dangerous CargoDedicated line
Export process and precautions for air transportation of dangerous goods
Release time:2024-02-26

1. Power of Attorney
The shipper shall fill out the freight consignment note by themselves. The consignment note should include the following columns: consignor, consignee, origin airport, destination airport, required route/booking application, declared value for transportation, declared value for customs use, insurance amount, handling matters, documents attached to the waybill, actual gross weight, fare category, chargeable weight, name and quantity of goods, signature of consignor, date, etc.

2. Review documents
The documents should include: invoice, packing list, consignment note, air freight appraisal report, submission form, foreign exchange verification form, license, inspection certificate, incoming/processing verification book, claim/repair agreement, collect payment guarantee, and customs seal.
3. Booking
After receiving the shipment forecast from the shipper, collect and fill out the booking form from the airline's tonnage control department, while providing the corresponding information; The name, volume, weight, quantity, and destination of the goods; Request for shipment time, etc. The airline arranges seats and flights based on actual circumstances. When booking, freight forwarders can choose the best route and carrier according to the shipper's requirements, while striving for the lowest and most reasonable freight rates for the shipper.
4. Receiving goods
Shipper self delivery: The freight forwarder should fax the warehouse entry diagram to the shipper, indicating the contact person, phone number, delivery address, time, etc. In order to ensure timely and accurate warehousing of goods.
Freight forwarder's doorstep pickup: The shipper needs to provide the freight forwarder with specific pickup address, contact person, phone number, time, and other relevant information to ensure that the goods are delivered to the warehouse in a timely manner.
5. Export customs declaration
After the customs declaration documents are complete, the freight forwarder shall act as the agent for the shipper to declare to the customs; After customs review, the customs officials will stamp the release seal on the original waybill used for shipment.
6. Cost settlement
The shipper and freight forwarder settle the relevant transportation and miscellaneous expenses before the aircraft takes off.

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