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Dangerous CargoDedicated line
Export process and precautions for maritime dangerous goods
Release time:2024-02-26

1、 Shipping companies carrying dangerous goods
The export of dangerous goods by sea requires selecting qualified and experienced shipping companies and freight forwarders, and determining the best solution based on different routes and prices. Generally speaking, major shipping companies such as MSK, MSC, ZIM, CMA, COSCO, HMM, APL, etc. can undertake Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 chemical hazardous goods. Among them, Class 1 explosives and Class 7 radioactive hazardous materials are the most strictly approved by shipping companies among international maritime hazardous materials, and not all shipping companies undertake them.

2、 Required information for booking and inquiry
MSDS (Chemical Safety Data Sheet)
DGD (Dangerous Goods Declaration Form)
EMS number (emergency measure number)
Accurate packing list and detailed cargo data
Information such as shipper, consignee, notifier, etc
When booking, it is necessary to provide complete and accurate information to the shipping company or freight forwarder, and promptly confirm the booking situation. MSDS is a document used to explain the chemical composition, properties, risks, and other information of goods, and is a necessary document for booking. DGD is a document used to declare the name, quantity, packaging, and other information of goods, and is a necessary document for booking. The EMS number is a number used to guide emergency measures and is a necessary information for booking. The packing list and cargo data are documents used to verify the weight, volume, and other information of the goods, and are essential information for booking. Information such as shipper, consignee, and notifier is necessary for filling out documents such as bills of lading and customs declaration, and is essential for booking.
3、 Information required for maritime declaration
Inspection Results of Packaging Performance of Dangerous Goods for Entry and Exit
Identification Results of Packaging Use for Outbound Dangerous Goods
Technical manual for packaging dangerous goods
Dangerous goods inspection electronic ledger
Maritime declaration is the process of reporting the transportation of dangerous goods to the maritime bureau and obtaining approval from the maritime bureau. Maritime declaration requires the provision of the above four types of documents, which are used to prove that the packaging meets the standards, the use is reasonable, the technology is reliable, and the commercial inspection is legal. Maritime declaration needs to be completed before packing, and complete information should be submitted in a timely manner in accordance with the requirements of the Maritime Bureau to avoid delays or rejections.
4、 The risks and consequences of concealing hazardous materials
Some foreign trade clients are unable to obtain the necessary dangerous goods maritime declaration documents such as dangerous goods certificates and electronic records, so they want to change the product name for customs declaration in an attempt to deceive customs. In fact, doing so not only violates laws and regulations, but also poses hidden dangers to the safety of goods transportation, as well as personal and environmental pollution.
Whether it is the act of actively concealing hazardous chemicals or passively concealing customs clearance and deliberately not declaring to the shipping company that it is a transportation of hazardous materials, both will face dual penalties from customs and shipping companies. The fine amount varies depending on different shipping companies and circumstances, generally exceeding $10000. In addition, it may also face consequences such as detention, return, and confiscation of goods, and may even lead to accidents such as fires, explosions, and leaks, causing casualties and environmental pollution, and bearing corresponding legal responsibilities.

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