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What is Amazon FBA air freight forwarder and what are the operating procedures?
Release time:2024-02-26

1、 The role of Amazon FBA air freight forwarder
Amazon FBA air freight forwarder is a company specialized in delivering goods sent by sellers to Amazon warehouses by air freight and providing related logistics services. The services they provide include but are not limited to:

Inventory management: Amazon FBA air freight forwarders can provide real-time inventory information, including detailed information such as quantity, weight, and size of goods, so that sellers can better grasp the inventory status and make timely adjustments and supplements.
Booking Service: According to the seller's requirements and Amazon's regulations, Amazon FBA air freight forwarders can provide booking services to ensure that goods can be delivered to Amazon warehouses on time, in quantity, and safely.
Warehouse delivery: Amazon FBA air freight forwarder will deliver the goods to the designated Amazon warehouse according to the seller's requirements, and carry out necessary warehousing and distribution management.
Logistics information tracking: Amazon FBA air freight forwarders provide real-time logistics information of goods, helping sellers timely grasp the transportation status and location of goods, in order to better manage inventory and sales.
2、 The FBA air freight shipment process in the United States is as follows:
Inventory: Provide information about the goods, such as product name, quantity, weight, box size, destination and recipient name, address, phone number, delivery time, shipper name, phone number, address, etc
Booking: Air freight export agents shall print out the total waybill number, quantity, weight, and volume according to the designated booking plan, based on the flight and date, and book with the airline.
Warehouse delivery: Check the difference between the actual quantity, weight, volume of goods and the predicted quantity in the consignment book. Effectively utilize and reasonably allocate reserved passenger ship space and pallets based on flight type, pallet type, height, and quantity
Export customs declaration: express delivery customs declaration, general trade customs declaration, namely tax refund customs declaration, ATA customs declaration, etc.
Customs clearance and release: After the waybill is stamped with the customs release seal, it needs to be signed by the airline. Only after signing and confirming, can the documents and goods be handed over to the airline. Flights require connecting transportation.

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