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How long is the delivery time for the US air freight line?
Release time:2024-01-17

The US air freight dedicated line is an advantageous channel from China to the United States, providing specialized customs clearance and express/truck delivery services for cross-border sellers. It covers all regions of the United States, with higher frequency of shipments arranged for each route and more guaranteed delivery time.

How long is the delivery time for the US air freight line
Normally, if it is a direct flight route, it takes more than 3-7 days to arrive at the destination, mainly depending on the completion of door-to-door delivery during takeoff, which takes about 10 days.
Notes on US air freight dedicated lines
1. When sending goods, it is necessary to provide the correct name of the goods, product quantity, and packaging type. If it is necessary to split or assemble, the total number required should be notified in advance. It is prohibited to send products with weight limits, large-sized outer packaging, and no declared value. Dangerous goods and other prohibited goods are strictly prohibited from being shipped.
2. All goods should be transported in a complete and sturdy outer packaging box, clean and hygienic, dry and ventilated, and conducive to the handling of goods, to prevent adverse effects or damage to the safety of the goods.
3. Pay attention to many issues such as waterproofing, rain protection, pollution prevention, sun protection, and anti extrusion molding, as well as delayed delivery caused by temperature issues.
4. There are restrictions on the length, width, height, volume, and weight of each item of international air transportation in the United States, and each major express delivery service has its own limitations.

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