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Find Opportunites > Air Freight > What should be noted for US FBA air clearance?
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What should be noted for US FBA air clearance?
Release time:2024-01-17

What is FBA customs clearance?
FBA customs clearance refers to the customs clearance process of Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) warehousing services. FBA is a logistics service provided by Amazon, where sellers ship goods to Amazon warehouses and Amazon is responsible for shipping, after-sales, and refund services. FBA customs clearance is a very important step in this process.

The following aspects need to be noted for air clearance by the US FBA:
1. The US Customs requires specific loading information for air cargo, which must include a detailed list of goods, including a freight bill of lading. This document is required for customs inspection;
2. If the goods are air freighted to the United States, customs do not accept goods with names such as "SPARE PARTS" or "ELECTRONIC GOODS". Therefore, basic information such as the name, weight, and size of the goods must be detailed on the freight bill of lading;
3. If your FBA first leg air freight to the United States is palletized goods, it must be in the form of SLAC (Shipper's Load and Count), and the number of goods must also be indicated on the waybill, with an SLAC label affixed on one side of the pallet.
4. It is necessary to accurately fill in the product name on the main bill of lading. In the case where the shipper and consignee are both parties involved in a direct transaction, if the shipper is a freight agent, mixed cargo must be filled in on the main bill of lading, and a house label must be affixed to each piece of goods. Six copies of the manifest must be attached to the envelope of the random document.
FBA customs clearance is very important for sellers as it can help them smoothly enter the domestic market and provide efficient and convenient logistics services, thereby improving sales performance and customer satisfaction. At the same time, sellers also need to actively cooperate with the customs clearance process to ensure that the goods can pass through customs smoothly and avoid unnecessary losses caused by customs clearance issues.

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