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Air FreightFBA head stroke
Do the US FBA have specific requirements for the size and weight of air cargo?
Release time:2024-01-17

1. By volume, the sum of the length, width, and height of each piece of goods shall not be less than 40 centimeters;
2. Goods not carried by wide body aircraft shall not exceed 80 kilograms in weight and 40x60x100 centimeters in volume per piece;

3. The weight of each cargo carried by a wide body aircraft shall not exceed 250 kilograms, and the volume shall not exceed 100x100x140 centimeters.
4. The weight of the goods is calculated based on hand weight, and the quantity unit is KG. The last star number is rounded off. When the weight of each air cargo is less than 1KG, it shall be calculated based on IKG
As this is only for loading goods, the weight it can bear is quite large, so there are not too many restrictions on the size of the goods. If it can fit all the goods, then it can be well transported by air.
Amazon FBA first leg air freight precautions
1. Electronic invoices and packing lists must be provided for shipment. For goods to Amazon, at least two FBA barcodes (one in the front and one in the back) should be affixed to each outer box
2. The outer packaging to the FBA warehouse requires cardboard boxes to be sturdy, and the weight limit for individual items is within 30KG
3. After foreign customs declaration, if the goods are inspected or detained, the customs will not disclose the information of the goods and the reasons for inspection or detention to any third party (excluding the consignee and the declared goods). Choosing a professional customs broker is very important
4. Do not underestimate the declared value of goods to achieve the goal of saving tariffs, because once the customs price cannot be verified by foreign countries, the inspection cost is huge, and the resulting miscellaneous fees such as site rent and container rent are also very high, which is not worth the loss and also affects the exporter's credit record
5. Do not export counterfeit and counterfeit products. Foreign countries have very strict intellectual property inspections, and once inspected, the goods will be confiscated and seriously affect credit records. For a period of time, every shipment must be checked, and the cost is high.

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