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Europe(FBA)Dedicated line
Release time:2022-12-26

European FBA
European fba special line international logistics is a door-to-door logistics distribution service from China to European countries, or from European countries to China. It is responsible for the logistics from China to European FBA warehouses, including domestic customs declaration, foreign customs clearance, tax payment and other services. Door to door service, one ticket to the end, double clear to the door.
1、 What is the international logistics of the European fba special line
The European fba special line is a logistics distribution service from China to European countries or from European countries to China. The European special line has the advantages of fast time, high cost and smooth customs clearance.
Relying on the geographical, economic, policy, trade and other natural advantages of the Middle East, the European fba special line provides international logistics services such as marine logistics, land transportation, air transportation, warehousing, customs declaration and insurance through multiple channels of logistics transit from China to Europe. Among them, the main logistics forms of China's export to Europe and the special line to Europe provide convenient logistics forms for China's enterprises to export foreign trade and import foreign raw materials, advanced equipment and high-end products into Europe. As a transport hub for import and export transactions, domestic manufacturers and import trading companies need to be supervised by the customs department and obtain effective customs clearance documents before they can be released in the European logistics special line transport.
2、 What are the logistics modes of international logistics of European fba special line
There are many European fba special transport channels, such as European FBA maritime transport, European FBA air transport, European international express, European international small bags, and European Central European Leban.
1. European fba maritime logistics
The first journey is exported by sea, from China to European ports, and then delivered to Amazon warehouse after customs clearance/container lifting/unpacking. The tail delivery is delivered by truck or express delivery. It is suitable for goods with large quantity and less time limit.
2. European fba air transportation
Arrive at the airport of European destination by air, clear the customs, pick up the goods and deliver them to the final destination by truck or express. Generally, it is the FBA warehouse.
3. China Europe Express
China Europe Express is the main railway container transport line from China to Europe. It is an international container railway intermodal train along the the Belt and Road. The utility model has the advantages of short transportation time, low cost and high stability.
4. International express
UPS  FEDEX  DHL  TNT, one of the four international express deliveries, is directly sent to the FBA warehouse in Europe, which is very efficient, especially when making emergency replenishment in the peak season.
5. International small bags
International small packages include postal packages, special line packages, etc. The small items with less than 2 kg of timeliness demand are not very fast, and the freight is also very dominant. It is generally used in FBM mode.

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