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America(FBA)Dedicated line
Release time:2022-12-26

Introduction to US FBA
FBA in the United States provides direct mail service from China to the United States. Since the official launch of the Internet Ease to the United States special line, it has been warmly welcomed by the majority of express business users from Shenzhen to the United States. Considering that most of our customers are small bags and meet customer requirements, we launched a new US FBA channel with DHL. FBA in the United States is a joint effort of Internet Express, USPS and DHL to launch FBA services in the United States to meet customers' requirements for price, timeliness and service. It is transported to the United States by DHL flight, and delivered via the network of American Post for commercial customs clearance.
US FBA Advantages
1. Time Warranty.
The transportation flight and operation process of DHL express shall be adopted, and the time from receiving goods to flying to the United States shall be controlled within 1-3 days (except for special circumstances). After arriving in the United States, the delivery shall be conducted by American Post, and the transportation time is not different from the time limit of commercial express delivery;
2. The price is economical and affordable. The price of Internet express is in line with that of postal parcel, but the timeliness is in line with that of commercial express, and the cost performance ratio is very high. At present, Internet Express is promoting FBA in the United States, and the price is not far from that of China Post;
3. The whole process can be tracked online, and the whole process can be queried at to view the delivery information in real time;
4. We are committed to improving the transportation score of Ebay Express on DSRs to more than 4.8;
5. Committed to realizing Eaby's "top rated seller" road for you;
6. The US FBA will change the location of the goods for you to realize the delivery service in the US.
Service introduction
Time effective description: 4-10 working days
Weight limit: package ≤ 2kg
US FBA Shipping Instructions
1. Address filling: the package can only have the receiving address information and the barcode of the US FBA; There is no need to paste the customs declaration form, and the sender's information is not required to be filled in. The address information must be filled in English, and it cannot appear in Chinese. Each mail must be pasted with the recipient's detailed address and the barcode provided by our company;
2. The forecast document shall be provided. Please click to download the specific forecast document, and send the forecast to our company's operating mailbox;
3. It is strictly prohibited to deliver and mail prohibited products by air: such as powder, liquid, drugs, inflammable and explosive articles of guns, and articles prohibited by the local customs of the United States. Electronic products and supporting battery products can be delivered and mailed, and imitation brands are not accepted;
4. Special emphasis: the package shall not contain any form of customs declaration, franchise number, air label and other information, and it is necessary to ensure that there is no identification on the outer package except for the recipient's address and the barcode provided by our company for inquiry;
5. DHL website provides full process query. After customs clearance in the United States, you can enter the U.S. Postal Network for delivery. You can query the delivery situation on the U.S. Postal Network;
6. The normal delivery time is 4-10 working days, and the customs clearance time varies according to the local customs;
7. If there are more than two goods in the same bill of goods, the forecast must be filled in separately. Similarly, the declared value must be filled in separately with the name of the goods. For each batch of goods, the total value of the goods of the same recipient in the same batch cannot exceed 200 USD.

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