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What is overseas warehouse transfer? What is the process of overseas warehouse t
Release time:2024-01-20

Many sellers value the specific services provided by overseas warehouses when choosing overseas warehouses, in addition to geographical location. Common services include consignment, transshipment, return and label exchange, etc. Today, we will focus on understanding the relevant issues of overseas warehouse transshipment.

What is overseas warehouse transfer
Overseas warehouse transfer, as the name suggests, refers to the seller transporting the products they need to sell to the overseas warehouse in the country of storage through sea, air, land transportation, and other means in advance, and then transferring them to FBA warehouse or other warehouses according to the actual required amount of goods. This temporary storage process is what we call overseas warehouse transfer. Overseas warehouse transfer is a very important value-added business in overseas warehousing services, playing a very important role in the closed-loop of cross-border transactions.
The role of overseas warehouses and transit warehouses
1. More efficient assistance for cross-border sellers to replenish inventory when they are about to run out of stock, preventing sudden stockouts of popular products, and providing strong protection measures for every peak season promotion.
2. Overseas warehouse transshipment can help sellers more effectively avoid product association issues, avoid affecting the normal sales of the store due to storage issues, and achieve multi account operation.
3. The restrictions on the product itself will be wider. Overseas warehouse transshipment has lower requirements for the goods themselves, while Amazon FBA warehouses will require layered regulation of the goods. Overseas warehouse transshipment can help sellers deliver more different types of products without constraints.
4. Assist merchants in quickly handling product listing issues, and when encountering various issues such as returns and product delisting, they can also transfer to other accounts for listing and sales, saving most of the costs and expenses. Assist e-commerce sellers in preventing risks, and the operational flexibility is very high.
Overseas warehouse transfer operation process
Firstly, the seller needs to contact a domestic freight forwarder in China to obtain the storage location. The seller will send the goods to the selected domestic warehouse for packaging processing. After packaging is completed, the freight forwarder will assist the seller in customs declaration in advance. After the customs declaration is completed, the goods are shipped from China to the local market in Europe through various channels such as land, rail, sea, and air transportation. After arriving at the local market in Europe, the overseas warehouse will arrange relevant personnel to cooperate with the seller for customs clearance, and then send the goods to the selected overseas warehouse through the overseas international logistics company. After the Amazon FBA warehouse has available space, the goods will be sent from the overseas warehouse to the Amazon FBA warehouse where the seller is located.
It is worth noting that not every overseas warehouse can provide FBA transfer services, and sellers need to confirm the delivery area with the service provider in advance. Clearly determine which method is required for shipping. When selecting an overseas warehouse, it is best for sellers to choose a qualified overseas warehouse institution to connect with.
I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the relevant issues of overseas warehouse transfer through the above content. Sellers with this business need should also pay attention to the scale and strength of overseas warehouses when selecting, and choose reliable overseas warehouses for cooperation.

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