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What are the main businesses of overseas warehouses?
Release time:2024-01-20

The emergence of overseas warehouses has helped many cross-border e-commerce sellers solving logistics problems. Nowadays, overseas warehouses have also become an important part of cross-border e-commerce.

So, what are the advantages of using overseas warehouses?
1. Reduce logistics costs.
The essence of overseas warehouses is to place goods in overseas warehouses and then ship them directly from overseas, which is equivalent to domestic shipping. Compared with cross-border shipping, logistics costs will be greatly reduced. However, it should be noted that using overseas warehouses also incurs warehousing costs, which are still much more cost-effective compared to long-term cross-border logistics, so overall, the cost is still reduced.
2. Improve logistics efficiency.
Sending the goods to the overseas warehouse in advance for stocking can save time for customs declaration and clearance after the customer places an order. Secondly, direct delivery from the local area can also ensure that the goods are sent out and delivered to the customer's hands more quickly, thereby shortening the mailing time, especially during major promotions or when orders are sold out. This advantage is even more obvious.
3. Enhance product awareness.
Choosing an overseas warehouse can also quickly increase local visibility. Both timeliness and after-sales treatment are unmatched by domestic warehouses. Local customers naturally have the priority to choose these products for purchase, which is also a major advantage in terms of product visibility.
4. Provide higher quality after-sales service to win customer satisfaction and praise.
For cross-border sellers, positive review rate is also a crucial indicator, and choosing an overseas warehouse provides assurance on the timeliness issues that customers are more concerned about. When returns or exchanges occur, it can also provide better after-sales service to customers, thereby improving customer satisfaction and receiving good reviews.
5. Help sellers expanding the market.
A good reputation is also an indispensable part of expanding the market, so while winning customer satisfaction, it is also beneficial for sellers to further expand their local market.

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