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Oversized CargoDedicated line
What are the transportation methods for oversized or heavy cargo?
Release time:2024-02-27

What is large cargo logistics? The logistics transportation of oversized cargo, also known as large cargo transportation or heavy cargo transportation, is a general term for the logistics of goods that exceed the general standard in terms of volume and weight. In terms of volume, it includes three oversized items: ultra-high, ultra-wide, and ultra-long, as well as logistics of ordinary large volume items with irregular volume. In terms of weight, it mainly refers to the logistics of overweight or heavy goods.

The logistics of oversized or heavy cargo mainly manifests in the logistics of mechanical equipment, including: oversized equipment (goods) refers to the loading contour size exceeding the vehicle clearance standard; Overweight equipment (cargo) refers to the effect of the total weight of the vehicle on the bridge exceeding the design live load.
What are the transportation methods for oversized or heavy cargo? Large item logistics transportation actually refers to a logistics transportation method where the volume, weight, and quantity of goods are relatively large. The main logistics transportation methods that can carry oversized cargo include road logistics transportation, waterway logistics transportation, railway logistics transportation, and air logistics transportation. These logistics transportation methods are currently the most commonly used logistics transportation methods.
Different logistics transportation methods have different transportation structures. If road logistics transportation is used for large-scale logistics transportation, the general requirements for transporting goods are: those with relatively close distances and small batches; For those using waterway and railway logistics transportation, the general requirements for goods are: large quantities, long distances, and difficult to transport goods. Due to the insufficient volume of goods transported by highway logistics transportation, only railway and waterway logistics transportation can be used, while air logistics transportation, due to its high cost, can only be used, So generally, this logistics transportation method is used for the transportation of emergency supplies.

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