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Oversized CargoDedicated line
How to export oversized goods by sea to the United States for transportation?
Release time:2024-02-27

Among the various products exported from China to the United States, there are many products that exceed the standard in size and weight, such as Christmas trees and sofas. However, many old Amazon sellers in the United States know that Amazon FBA has strict size requirements. If the outer packaging of products exceeds Amazon's specified size, additional charges will be charged.

Shipping process for exporting oversized goods to the United States by sea:
1. Customer placing an order: The customer provides information on the volume and weight of the goods, as well as customs declaration documents for the goods;
2. American freight logistics companies load goods according to container trucks: After obtaining cargo information, American freight logistics companies match suitable containers and arrange various loading matters;
3. Verify customs declaration information: Verify the customs declaration information provided by the customer and submit a declaration to the customs before the vehicle departs;
4. Customs release: After the vehicle and customs declaration are arranged, the container truck driver will transport the goods to the declared port for customs clearance;
5. Vehicle clearance: The goods arrive at US customs, clear customs, and pass customs;
6. Arrival at US Customs: The goods cleared at the port arrive at the US yard;
7. Customs clearance and delivery: After completing the import clearance in the United States, the goods are loaded onto a flatbed truck in the United States, transported to the United States, and then delivered to the designated location according to the delivery address provided by the customer. The customer signs for the delivery;
Common precautions for logistics transportation of oversized goods in the United States:
1. From the perspective of business license:
The transportation of oversized items is due to the characteristics of vehicles and items being over length, over weight, and over width. Therefore, the relevant management is very strict, and it is necessary to complete the procedures in accordance with the law before they can operate at the specified time, route, and speed;
2. From the perspective of transportation safety:
Safety is superior because of the special nature of large cargo transportation, and the safety requirements of the US freight logistics industry are also very strict. Generally, the transportation of large items requires a relatively long process from vehicle arrangement to the arrival of goods at the destination in the United States. This is because every detail of the transportation process needs to be thoroughly verified, and it may be necessary to clear the road in advance;
3. From the perspective of operating costs
The operating costs of transporting oversized items are generally relatively high. In addition to regular expenses, such as road supervision is an important expense, and there are significant differences between different provinces and cities. In addition, some provinces and cities also levy road property compensation for large transport vehicles. If damage is caused to the road during driving, additional compensation fees need to be paid.

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