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What are the reasons for the US FBA to return and replace th
Release time:2022-12-26

Among many cross-border e-commerce platforms, Amazon is favored by Chinese sellers, but it is not "friendly" as expected. In order to ensure the interests of buyers and create the ultimate customer shopping experience, Amazon has formulated strict "rules of the game". Once the bottom line is reached, the goods are likely to face the risk of being unable to be sold on the shelves.
At the same time, it is also faced with the risk that the goods cannot be sold due to overstock. For example, when goods are transported from home to abroad and enter the FBA warehouse, there will inevitably be bumping, bumping and other situations, resulting in damaged packaging of goods during transportation and unable to be registered as new products; Another example is that the listing review is unqualified or invalid, or the defendant infringes on commodities and the account number is sealed.
What is the reason for the US FBA to return and replace the standard? How to solve it?
The high return rate is also one of the reasons. According to the survey, in developed countries such as Britain and the United States, the return rate of online shopping has reached 15% - 20%, and the return rate of clothing has reached 23%. However, Amazon will not do fine handling of returns for sellers, and many of them become products that cannot be sold directly. If the goods cannot be sold on the shelves, it means huge costs: payment for goods, labor cost for labeling, labeling fee, head end freight, tariff, FBA fee, etc. Sellers often rack their brains to figure out the most economical solution.
In fact, 95% of these returns can be put on the shelves after processing, as long as it is not because of the quality or infringement of the product itself.
How to solve the problem of US FBA return and standard replacement? At this time, just return the goods to the third-party overseas warehouse, return them to the FBA in the United States, and then transfer them to the FBA warehouse, and they can be re sold.
Since it is determined that the FBA in the United States will return and replace the goods, giving these products a "rebirth" opportunity, it is necessary to select an American overseas warehouse company specializing in return and replacement services, and control the replacement cost operation within an acceptable range.
Hailichang Technology is an American overseas warehouse company, located in Shenzhen and located in New Jersey, USA. At present, it is mainly engaged in American overseas warehousing companies, covering a variety of service types, including single piece distribution, American FBA return and replacement, overseas warehousing, customs clearance, and American local distribution. In terms of price, the performance price ratio of returning goods and changing standards in Hailikang's overseas warehouse is extremely high. However, the company needs to spend $500 before accepting the FBA's return and changing standards.

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