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News > CIF > What is the FBA marine operation process?
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What is the FBA marine operation process?
Release time:2022-12-26

What is the FBA marine operation process?

FBA ocean transportation operation process of TU agency logistics:
1、 The seller should make a delivery plan in the Amazon background and confirm the warehouse number;
2、 Each case of cargo shall be labeled with FBA label and shipping mark (for the convenience of distribution in foreign countries);
3、 Deliver the goods to our warehouse (or make an appointment to pick up the goods), and attach the packing list, commercial invoice, and customs declaration form with the goods (if there is no customs declaration form, you can pay the bill for customs declaration);
4、 Shipment, customs declaration and export, shipment;
5、 Customs clearance and duty payment shall be completed upon arrival;
6、 Drag containers to our warehouse, dismantle containers and distribute goods;
7、 According to Amazon's requirements, the pallets shall be delivered to the truck company/express delivery after completion of palletizing;
8、 The truck company makes an appointment with Amazon for delivery (no appointment is required for express delivery);
9、 Return to POD and complete after dispatch;

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