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What are the common logistics problems in ocean freight LCL(Less than container
Release time:2024-01-15

LCL(Less than container load) shipping has the characteristics of high flexibility and low cost, making it the preferred logistics method for many cross-border e-commerce sellers. For maritime transportation, the complex process may dispel most people's thoughts, but the advantages of container shipping make many people eager to move. It has a large load capacity, strong transportation safety, and multiple types of goods can be transported, which have great attraction for cross-border enterprises.
However, LCL(Less than container load) transportation is different from FCL(Full container load) transportation, as its transportation requirements have their own uniqueness and independence. Today, through this article, we will briefly share some of the problems encountered in the actual operation of ocean freight LCL(Less than container load) shipping.

1、 The shipping company's bill of lading is lost
A bill of lading is one of the most important documents in international shipping, as only one set of bills of lading can be issued for a single shipment of goods, and the bill of lading is also a transferable document. Therefore, if the bill of lading is lost, it will have a great impact on the development of foreign trade business, which may result in the seller being unable to settle foreign exchange and the buyer being unable to pick up the goods.
2、 Abandoned goods at the destination port need to be returned for transportation
In some regions and countries, even if the consignee abandons the goods, the shipper still requires written authorization from the consignee. This is quite difficult to handle. More often than not, the shipper will not choose to return LCL(Less than container load) goods with lower sample value.
3、 Strive to achieve accurate billing of LCL(Less than container load) cargo in tons
If the seller changes the packaging, they should be required to notify the seller in a timely manner. Do not wait until the goods are delivered to the freight forwarder's warehouse and feedback the information back through the freight forwarder. Often, time is already tight, and changing the customs declaration documents can easily delay customs declaration, or result in expedited customs declaration fees and port charges.

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