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The difference between ocean freight LCL(less than container load) shipping and
Release time:2024-01-15

ocean freight LCL(less than container load) shipping refers to the process where the shipper consigns small parcels of goods that are less than a full container. The agent (or carrier) categorizes and organizes the goods, and consolidates them into a certain number of containers for the same destination.

Double clearance refers to domestic customs clearance and foreign entry clearance. Shuangqing requires freight forwarders or logistics companies to have very strong capabilities, to ensure the normal export of the sender country's customs, and to ensure that the destination country can clear customs, which is usually for general cargo; Special goods (such as sensitive goods) cannot be cleared through normal channels in the destination country.
According to the above logic, that is to say, if you let him handle the goods, he will be responsible for arranging towing, customs clearance, ship (cargo) allocation, document exchange after the ship (aircraft) arrives at the destination port, and customs clearance. Note that delivery to the destination port may not be included.

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