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Global Express ShippingPostal packet
How is the international express delivery fee calculated?
Release time:2024-01-20

1. International express delivery billing regulations
According to international shipping regulations, international packages need to compare the volume and weight with the actual weight, choose the heavier one as the calculation weight, and calculate the shipping cost.

Actual weight: The weight obtained from weighing (weighing)
Volume weight: The weight calculated from the volume of goods based on a certain conversion factor or formula
Volume recalculation method
DHL, UPS, FedEx: long × wide × Height (cm) ÷ 5000=Volume weight (kg)
EMS Postal: Long × wide × Height (cm) ÷ 6000=Volume weight (kg)
Example explanation
The dimensions of the cardboard box are: 30cm high, 60cm long, 52cm wide, and the actual weight is 15kg.
Sending overseas through DHL
The volume weight calculated based on the size of the cardboard box is: 30 × sixty × 52 ÷ 5000=18.72kg
The actual weight of the cardboard box is 15kg, and the volumetric weight is 18.72kg. According to the international shipping and billing rules, the final calculated weight for this cardboard box is 19kg.
2. International express delivery billing unit
Parcels with a chargeable weight of less than 21kg shall be charged in units of 0.5kg, and packages weighing less than 0.5kg shall be charged in units of 0.5kg;
Parcels with a chargeable weight of 21kg or more are considered international large packages, with a billing unit of 1kg; Less than 1kg will be charged at 1kg
When measuring the weight, there should be no zeros, that is, when the weight of the item is 3.15kg, the actual billing is based on 3.5kg; When the weight of the item is 22.3kg, the actual billing is 23kg;
Is there any additional fee for sending international express delivery?
Customs duties and clearance fees
International express delivery generally does not incur customs duties or clearance fees, but there may be import tariffs when importing in the destination country, which vary depending on the customs laws of each country.
Additional fees
Parcels sent through commercial express delivery services such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx may incur additional charges in addition to normal shipping costs in special circumstances. For example, remote surcharges, address change surcharges, private residential surcharges, overweight surcharges, oversized surcharges, and other surcharges. It depends on the actual operation of the order.
EMS postal packages do not have these surcharges. And calculated based on actual weight, but the time efficiency is relatively poor.

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