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FCL Ocean FreightInternational express
What is the operational process for exporting FCL goods by sea to foreign countr
Release time:2024-01-17

The exporter of the shipper should select a vessel with an appropriate schedule, fill out a booking form or consign to the shipping company or its agent, or other transportation method operators, before formally handling the consignment procedures. So, the operational process for exporting full container containers by sea to foreign countries has been collected and organized by Juhai International, providing relevant information for your reference. Welcome to read!

FCL Shipping Export Process
1. The shipper provides: (1) Box type, (2) Box quantity, (3) Destination port, (4) Shipping time, (5) Goods name (must be reported)
2. After the customer receives the sea freight rate
If you want to entrust packing, the freight company will inquire with the shipper about the packing method.
(1) Factory packing (shipper provides factory address)
(2) Warehouse packing (freight company provides warehouse address to shipper)
3. The freight company requests customs declaration information from the shipper.
The freight company provides the information of the goods to the shipping company for pricing and booking with the shipping company. After booking the cabin, the shipping company will inform you of the vessel name, schedule, and bill of lading number.
Making boxes
4. Factory made boxes
After the freight company picks up the container, they make the container according to the factory address provided by the shipper. To pick up the container after the opening time, the opening time is 7 days before the closing time. Only with an SO order can the container be loaded, and the SO number must be provided to the customer or the towing company upon arrival. Customers are required to provide the loading time, location, and contact person. Based on the information provided by the customer, a delivery note will be filled out and provided to the towing company. On the day of container loading, the towing company will issue the container number, seal number, driver's phone number, and license plate number. The driver information is collectively referred to as the driver information, which will be sent to the customer upon receipt for convenient communication with the driver. The driver should be reminded to weigh the vehicle.
5. Warehouse box making
The freight company shall notify the warehouse of the vessel name and bill of lading number. Bring the introduction letter to the container yard of the shipping company to pick up the container, and wait for the shipper to deliver the goods before making the container.
6. Customs declaration loading
Customs declaration after container collection at the port; The shipping company loads containers onto the ship. Before loading the container, remind the customer to provide a detailed packing list for confirmation by the customs broker. After the container is loaded, the customer is required to provide an accurate and detailed packing list. The customer should be reminded of the necessary documents to avoid informing the customer only during customs clearance, and the customer may not be able to provide them. If the customer does not know how to handle the packing list, they can provide a form for the customer to fill out according to the form, which is convenient for us to provide suggestions and opinions. If the user's goods are very miscellaneous, remind them to choose important and multiple ones. Do the user have a customs code? You can ask the user to inquire about which ones are easier to clear overseas.
7. Uninstall
The shipping company unloads the containers onto the dock.
8. Notify pick-up
The shipping company notifies the consignee to pick up the goods.
9. Customs clearance
The consignee shall clear customs.
10. Change orders
The consignee replaces the bill of lading with a delivery note.
11. Picking up goods
The delivery person takes the delivery note to pick up the goods.

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