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What is the difference between sea freight LCL(less than container load) and FCL
Release time:2024-01-15

How can we distinguish between two common forms of international sea transportation: FCL and LCL?
What is the difference between sea freight LCL(less than container load) and FCL(full container load)?
Sea freight LCL(less than container load) is the process of consolidating multiple goods destined for the same destination into one container for transportation when the exported goods are insufficient to accommodate a single container. The whole box assembled in LCL is composed of goods from multiple different shippers and receivers.

Sea freight FCL (full container load) refers to the export of goods in one container, which contains goods from one shipper. The FCL is generally divided into 20GP/40GP/40HQ. Full container cargo is a type of cargo that is packed, counted, filled out with a shipping label by the shipper, and sealed with lead by customs.
The unpacking of full container cargo is generally handled by the consignee, or the carrier can be entrusted to unpack at the freight station. However, the carrier is not responsible for the damage or difference of the cargo inside the container, unless the cargo proves that the damage is caused by the carrier's liability accident, and the carrier is responsible for compensation. As long as the appearance of the container is similar to that at the time of receipt and the lead seal is intact, the carrier has completed the transportation task.
The cost of LCL includes sea freight, warehouse fees, and local charges. The cost of a full container includes sea freight, port charges, warehousing fees, interior loading fees, etc.

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