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What is the difference between FBA air freight and traditional air freight?
Release time:2024-04-09

1、 The difference between FBA air freight dedicated line and traditional air freight
FBA air freight, as an effective and commonly used stable transportation method, has always been popular in the entire international air freight market. FBA typically increases before air transportation, especially in Amazon warehouses, to differentiate traditional air transportation routes.

1. Different transportation entities
Traditional air transportation refers to the delivery of goods to major airlines such as Air China and Shenzhen Airlines. The airline transports the consigned goods to the airport in the recipient's city via flight. This transportation method only reaches the destination port airport and does not provide customs clearance and delivery.
FBA Air Transport Dedicated Line: Refers to the cooperation between international logistics companies or express delivery companies and major airlines, integrating customs declaration, clearance, and delivery resources, and constructing a one-stop air transport dedicated line through booking or charter flights.
2. Different customs clearance
Traditional air transportation: does not include destination country customs clearance, customers need to pick up goods at the airport for customs clearance, and does not include destination country tariffs.
FBA air freight dedicated line: including domestic customs declaration and destination country customs clearance agency services, double clearance and tax inclusive door-to-door, destination country tariffs, and door-to-door delivery.
3. Different timeliness
The timeliness of air transportation is mainly related to the efficiency and strength of the transportation company, the schedule of airport flights, and the clearance speed of the destination. International air transport to Hong Kong, FBA air transport route arrives.
2、 The shipping process of FBA air freight dedicated line
1. Air freight first leg
It should be noted that domestic airports generally prohibit goods with batteries from boarding the aircraft, but magnetic goods can be carried on board. Magnetic goods require a magnetic inspection report at the airport. Therefore, products with batteries are usually exported from Hong Kong Airlines. The timeliness of air transportation is closely related to the choice of direct or connecting flights. The timeliness and stability of direct flights are higher than those of connecting aircraft. Especially during the peak season in the second half of this year, the timeliness of connecting flights will sharply decline.
2. Destination customs clearance
Taking the United States as an example, in the United States, customs clearance requires clearance companies and trading companies as carriers, and the clearance process takes about 1-2 working days. Occasionally, special inspections may be encountered, such as checking whether the goods are infringing and whether there are corresponding qualification certificates, such as FCC certification, FDA certification, etc. Is there a mark of origin. After the customs clearance of the goods is completed, the next step is to transfer to the normal destination.
3. Destination transfer
After arriving at a certain destination, delivery is generally divided into truck delivery and delivery by local courier companies such as FEDEX/UPS. The advantages of truck delivery are low average cost and large loading capacity, but there are also some drawbacks: the need to book an Amazon warehouse in advance before delivery, slow delivery time, and slow POD receipt return. The advantages of express delivery are: no reservation (provided that such delivery companies are officially recognized by Amazon), fast delivery time, but the disadvantage is high prices.

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